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Looking after YOU

Change Is Good!!!

May 17, 2020

Thanks To All Who Have Supported Us...

We Need your amazing support to keep the services going...

Tell your neighbours delivery is best we can help...

If you have to visit, Click & Collect anytime from 10am - 5pm...No matter how small an order.

With the past week having seen England open up and The Community Council Ask People not to visit the area, much has changed.

Life has become very difficult, as we try to protect the community and maintain the highest standards possible. With this in mind we have nearly completed our work on the forecourt of the shops. To help us keep you safe here is how it works.

A) Read all signs as you arrive.
B) Only one person, can come onto property / others in the group can enjoy the view across the channel.
C) If the next checkpoint is clear, please walk and stand on Blue Square. Staff will call you when they know it is safe for you to move.
D) We like contactless which helps reduce your time on the site.
E) If you are Click & Collect you may have paid in advance, FANTASTIC. We just bring your shopping out to the pick up table and you can stay near your car. This applies to Food Pick Up in the evening - you should have paid over the phone.
F) Post office ( appointment only ) as above then walk in main door turn right and stand on Blue Square, you will be asked to put your own labels on and place mail in bags, Thanks.
D) When you are done leave via the driveway, please do not stand on the forecourt LEAVE!
E) Thanks For Your Support, spread the message we need your orders and custom.

Stay Safe, Stat Together, Stay Strong!

Please Pass This On!