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The World Is Online!

April 19, 2020

The World Has Gone Online www.threecliffs.co.uk...

In these troubled times, it helps to sit back and reflect. How did we at Pennard Stores / Three Cliffs Coffee Shop end up a delivery company. It's manly down to one lady who at the very early stages of these events asked if we would help her self isolate. She could see what was happening and made a difference. Thanks to her we set up a delivery team which has grown & grown. Today we are helping over 50 dwellings and suppling many more who see the value in the way we are operating. We protect our village & our staff.  Popping out is no longer an option, the last minute chocolate bar no more, plan your day and we will deliver.

Thanks to that lady who started it and thanks to all those in our community who have self isolated, this will help prevent people from going into hospital and adding more pressure on the amazing people working day & night to keep our nation safe. Like the STAFF of the NHS, these people who are self isolating have taken a bold step and we must all sing their praise. It is not easy to spend so much time away from family & friends, with the only contact being a tablet or a screen in the corner of a room. Glitching can destroy a family night, with younger members of families getting louder as Zoom starts to lag.

When on the road our delivery team stops and chats with many, helping (we hope) to break the day and help share info about how people are doing. It's amazing how resilient you all are and from our team & I'm sure all those working on the front line, THANKS FOR STAYING IN no need to put yourself at risk. Every day we will do all we can to supply what you need and if we do not have it we will find it.

Few point on how we work...

We do not alow other people in our buildings and only delivery drivers allowed in when carring, they then leave and we spray all the boxes and leave for 20min. Then our team of 9 do the magic and turn it around for delivery, as clean as possible. We spray Van & Car at the start & end of every delivery all plastics are deep cleaned in our kitchen washers so Totally clean. We hope the service is good and we will be here for as long as you need us. If you have not used us then try us, we can help.

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